1. kiyohide kunizaki

    from tokyo,japan

    today i hear at my house near sumida-river.
    thanks for your mike seeger interview-your first real radio interviw.

    kiyohide kunizaki
    tokyo folklore center from 1970

  2. Excellent interview! Great to hear him play the gourd banjo and drop some great anecdotes.
    Perhaps you guys should try and get an interview with Michael Hurley. He’s a tough nut to crack but once he gets going it can make for some fun stories and surely some Tom T. Hall covers.

  3. Clark Akatiff

    Thanks so much for doing this originally, and for sharing on this site. I was a student at UCLA from 1960 to 66 and Mike played often in the area. His Dad was on the faculty in Music, and Pete Seeger was the host of The UCLA folk Festivals of 64 and 65. An exciting time.

  4. Came across a YouTube video of Mike playing with Gilles Apap, Peter Feldmann and Jim Wimmer from a May 1, 2008 show at Santa Barbara’s Lobero Theater. Wonderful show and special chance to hear Mike’s stories. A memorable evening.

    Thanks so much for posting your 2003 interview. Mike seems like such a warm person with a gift for sharing.

    Shakin’ Up The Acorns video from the Lobero show can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1v_3C99BLZ8

    Keep the music alive.

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