1. Ephraim McDowell

    YEa HAw
    Let the true folk process & the wealth of the people be shared amongst us…
    Those of us who live it, make it & share it – liberate it…
    As with the Griots, bluesman & fiddlers of old, you got to get paid for the dance.
    Money changes hands on multiply levels for these tunes, yet what does or has the artist ever received??? A handful of change & a jug of wine…

    Fill no guilt here boys, join hands with the partner of your choosing and get ready to dance…


  2. dannygutters

    Just a note that things you find on ISOhunt.com and Soulseek are not necessarially legally free. If that’s a concern.

    Also, that version of Banks of the Ohio is pretty great, gives me chills.

  3. breakablebuttercup

    Thanks for posting all this. i’ve been looking for jug band music for a-not-so-internet-savvy friend. Slsking jug band fans are scarce.
    I wish i could have found this blog sooner!

  4. daddy linkchain

    its great to hear to hear this stuff in a radio show style been listening to Stanley Bros all my life remember when the Rich r Tone stuff was reissued in the 70s great stuff. never heard the Memphis Jugband cut before what a great band always well anyways keep it coming excellent stuff Daddy Linkchain

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