Notes for my talk at Podcamp New York

The following are notes for my talk on Saturday at 4pm at the podcasting conference Podcamp New York:

Notes for:
“Old Public Domain Folk Music = Podsafe Music”

Here are some links to check out for easily downloadable music. Use it on your podcast! Its awesome, its different, its easy to get and its free. Old public domain folk music is the undiscovered goldmine of podsafe music.
Check out the “Out of Print Records” catagory
– All types of great stuff

Digital Library of Appalachia:
– Lots to sort through, well worth it.

American Folklife Center at LOC online archives

Honking Duck
– More old 78s
– Search for 78 record, but there’s lots and lots of audio on here.

Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project:
– This is the most public domain of public domain, I mean this stuff is old.

Secret Museum of The Air:
– Not downloadable as Mp3, but still an incredible resource. Sorted by category, region and subject.

* Thanks to Dan Paterson for brainstorming the idea of equating old public domain music with being podsafe.

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