Big Bill Broonzy: Live at Club Montmarte, Copenhagen 1956

Big Bill Broonzy Live in Copenhagen 1956
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While looking through my record collection the other day, I realized that this had to be the next addition to the Down Home “Awesome Out-of-Print Records” series. This record is awesome. I first heard it coming over the PA before a show my band was playing at the Palace of Culture in Warsaw, Poland in 2004! All I heard that day was Big Bill’s version of “The Glory of Love,” but I was blown away. Eventually I found out that it was from this record and tracked down a copy. What a revelation. This is possibly my favorite Big Bill. Maybe that’s because his set at this live show is kind of a greatest hits of folk music, so he does a bunch of favorites. But he does them so well! There’s great versions of songs you might not think he had covered like “Take This Hammer,” “Midnight Special,” “I Get the Blues When It Rains,” and even “Sixteen Tons”!

See below for notes from the back of the record and more track information.


1. The Glory of Love
2. Careless Love
3. I Get the Blues When It Rains
4. My Name Is William Lee Conley Broonzy
5. Take This Hammer
6. See See Rider
7. Diggin’ My Potatoes
8. Midnight Special
9. Keep You Hands Off Her
10. I Got a Girl
11. You Better Mind
12. I Love You So Much
13. Sixteen Tons

Big Bill Broonzy Live in Copenhagen 1956 Notes


  1. dannygutters

    Big Bill is great, check out the Big Bill Broonzy Sings Folk Songs record on Folkways for another super Glory of Love.

  2. Hello,
    I’m not so sure this record is exactly “out of print” as it has been rereleased on CD (and now on download), with 6 extra tracks, under its original title, “An evening with Big Bill Broonzy volume 2”.
    I think your album is an earlier reissue. I was lucky enough to find last week a copy of the first French issue ( and there’s also a contemporary British version with a different sleeve (

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