Oh Mother It Hurts Me So: Traditional Music from Central Pennsylvania

Cover of the LP: Oh Mother It Hurts Me So
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Here’s the latest addition to the Down Home “Awesome Out-of-Print Records” series, and I think the last for a little while since I want to get back to producing regular radio shows, I got a lot of good interviews that are waiting to be posted.

This record is great! Its a collection of fiddle, harmonica and vocal music (sometimes accompanied by 4-string banjo and guitar) from central Pennsylvania recorded by Ray Allen in 1979 and originally released by the Union County Historical Society’s Oral Traditions Project. This is not your typical “old-time music;” the musicians represented here are the decedents not only of early Scots-Irish settlers, but also of immigrants from Germany and Italy and the songs and tunes they play reflect that in a wonderful way. Great stuff! And I love that cover photo.

As usual, I have selected this LP from my record collection, played it into my computer, chopped up the tracks, scanned the front and back of the LP, and here it is!

See below for track information:

Back of the LP/Track Information:
Back of the LP Oh Mother It Hurts Me So
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  1. Jane Gilday

    Hey Eli, thanks a HEAP for making this PA oldtime disc available. Living out this way, some fiddling friends and I been forever on the trail of regional OT music and fiddlers especially…this is a GEM, I’d lore heard ABOUT some of the players (like Mr. Daddario) but never heard them until now. Hope to see ya at Peter’s combo-bash tomorrow night at Jalopy…xoxo Jane

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