1. Micky

    any chance of being able to download these as zip files…? I’d just love to hear them but the only place I could is at work…if they would play in MS RealPlayer there, but they don’t >:(

  2. You should be able to download the shows as MP3s by clicking where it says “audio Mp3” below the play button. Unfortunately I do not have the ability to post the files in Realplayer format.

    Thanks for listening


  3. MikeB


    If you want, and if it’s ok with Eli, I can reupload these files in a zip to my webserver and give you the link.


  4. Stephen Giles

    Many thanks for posting these Martin Carthy shows. It would be nice to have these in a lossless format like FLAC, in order to preserve the original recording quality.

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