Some Favorite Videos

Hello everybody, thought I’d post up a bunch of my favorite videos I’ve found over the last period.  To all those people who have posted these videos – I salute you.


Videos below:

“March of Time” newsreel footage about Leadbelly and John Lomax –
A reenactment where they play the parts of themselves! This is unbelievable footage. It is also pretty spooky and haunted.

This is an incredible film made in the 1940’s. It features Pete Seeger and is largely narrated by him. The story and dialogue were done by Alan Lomax and its got some of the only footage of Woody Guthrie. Its also got footage of several other 1940’s era folk scene greats. You can download this film at Not to be missed!

These people are clearly aliens.

A band from Malawi composed of Aids orphans plays amazing guitar and slide bass banjo diddlie bow thing. These folks are awesome!

Vong Co.This is pretty seriously strange, but really kind of blew me away.

Check out this video: This guy does a damn good Arthur Miles impression – the throat singing cowboy who recorded only one song back in the 20’s, “Lonely Cowboy.”  Damn.

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