1. Nice selection of tunes (and talk) on the topic. Makes me want to break out my Martin and work on something topical for today. Maybe a little “Talkin’ Wall Street Bailout Blues.” Then again, why bother to write new songs when Woody and Uncle Dave and Tom Paxton and Utah Phillips et al have provided us such a wealth of material that’s still relevant?

    Keep wavin’ that flag, Eli.

  2. carrie

    Great stuff – I’ve been listening to this on my way to and from work and it captures my present mood of WORRY (especially after checking my bank balance). Hey, we’ve been here before, haven’t we. Favouries are Bank Failures and 31 Depression Blues…thanks for sharing this music.

  3. a.happy.camper =]

    OMG ! thank you so much for this !
    i have been looking for one of the songs for like the past three hours for my project but i couldn’t find it anywhere…only found torrents..but they didnt work :[
    But thanks so muchh !
    saved my life =]

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