1. This is Don Mallow writing…It was at my apartment on Chapel Street in New Haven that John Cohen speaks about… The place was packed…floor, window sills, bookshelves covered with people.. there was someone sitting on top of the refrigerator… I believe it was 1952, I still had my guitar (though I did not play) which I swapped in ’53 for a bicycle to pedal in Europe that summer…
    It’s good to hear John’s voice and that he remembers that long ago event..It was the start of the hootinanies at Yale.

  2. Will Spires

    I think we can get along without the “Jewbilly Jubilee,” Gadaya, if I don’t err by dignifying your suggestion with comment.

  3. Tanne Faulk Ryland

    Can’t find way to listen to this interview. What’s the process to be able to listen? My mother was Hally Wood. I was raised around people & music like this & am interested in hearing this material. Thank you for your time & attention.

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