Frank Hovington: Lonesome Road Blues LP

Frank Hovingtong Lonesome Road Blues LP Flyright 522 by you.

Here’s an excellent LP by blues guitarist / banjoist / singer Frank Hovington (1919-1982).  Hovington was from Pennsylvania but lived in Delaware.  These recordings were made by Dick Spottswood & Bruce Bastin back in the summer of 1975 at Frank’s home, using a tape recorder on loan from the Library of Congress. It was released by the British Label Flyright Records in 1976.  I’ve really enjoyed listening to this one lately, Hovington is an excellent singer and has a great style, or range of styles on guitar and banjo.  This album was apparently reissued on CD by Rounder Records at some point, but as far as I know is now out of print.  Hovington was originally “discovered” by John Fahey while John was driving around looking for old records.  Mack McCormick brought him to the 1971 Smithsonian Folk Festival, but other than that Frank Hovington did not like to tour or try to play lots of gigs at that point in his life.


F R A N K   H O V I N G T O N; from back cover of Flyright FLYLP 522; photographer: Bengt Olsson

See below for track list:

Frank Hovington:
Lonesome Road Blues

– Mean Old Frisco
– Gone With The Wind
– Lonesome Road Blues
– 90 Going North
– Got No Lovin’ Baby Now
– C.C. Blues

– Sing Sing Blues
– Who’s Been Foolin’ You
– I’m Talking ‘Bout You
– John Henry
– Where Could I Go But To The Lord
– Blood Red River

Frank Hovingtong Lonesome Road Blues LP Flyright 522 back by you.

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These notes come from:

F R A N K   H O V I N G T O N; from LoC LBC 6 notes; photographer's name not given

5 Responses to “Frank Hovington: Lonesome Road Blues LP”

  1. Sorryboy Says:

    Re Frank Hovington/Lonsome Road Blues

    This is a wonderful record. It reminds me of Mississippi John Hurt – the gentle vocals, the great finger-pickin’ and the wide repertoire -blues, folk, gospel, instro etc …. Thank you for posting this and for taking the time to cut it into tracks.

    Keep doin’ what you’re doin’! It is much appreciated.

  2. shaun Says:

    this album as well as the pete stampfel / john cohen program was a great find. i have downloaded some other stuff from here as well. a bit confusing without track names on the ripped files, but thanks a bunch.

  3. maurice Says:

    frank is my cousin he use to play for me when i was a child he taught my father how to play the guitar.this is a great album.

  4. frank hovington that was my dad love you u was the best i really miss you your son frankie Says:

    hi everyone that was my dad he was a good man and really loved music I was a great guitaris

  5. Shane Says:

    Hello, Everyone. Many years ago, a friend of mine from Florida, gave me a burned CD for my birthday. I loved the artist’s music and was bummed when I lost the disc. After 10 years, I finally rediscovered Mr. Hovington’s music. My favorite song was about a man trampling on potatoes and vines! Can’t find that recording anywhere. If anyone has any tips on where to find Guitar Frank’s full list of songs that would be amazing.

    I see here that the son and cousin of Mr. Frank Hovington have commented. To you both, I greatly appreciate his music. I heard his voice and his sound without knowing his name or who he was; nonetheless, I enjoyed it just the same. The music always put me in a peaceful and happy state of being.

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