1. Imogen

    If we are talking the “matter-of-fact merits based on [its] physical nature”, the typewriter actually retaliates with a thud, a vibration. As a writer, I find that that thump-sound strengthens each word I write, intensifies its impression both literally and symbolically. Yes, I suppose the musician’s equivalent would be the acoustic instrument. Whereas film that requires processing (with the exception of Polaroid, etc.) and LPs are still one step removed, no? Striking a string is to sling a typebar. An LP is to a printed book. Podcasting is to blogging.

    Somewhere between the silly leisure of cursive and the sterile keyboard stroke … is the glorious typewriter.

    I move from tiny apartment to tiny apartment toting milk crates of type-written pages. Though often punched with little thought or method, I like to think those pages hold much more weight emblematically than the dozens of scrawled journals and/or the countless Word documents I’ve saved.

    Just two cents …

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