Interview with Jessy Carolina

On today’s show I speak with New York folk singer and song writer Jessy Carolina.  Originally from Venezuela, Jessy grew up in North Dakota and later New York City.  She sings a lot of early blues songs, old-time and folk songs, Woody Guthrie songs and writes her own songs. We recorded this interview in a park in New Orleans when we were both down there back in February, busking on Royal street and escaping the New York winter.  Jessy plays live on the show, talks about her background, the trip down South and life busking in NOLA.  I also play some live recordings that I made of Jessy at the Jalopy Theater in Redhook, Brooklyn.

Jessy will be performing, along with 20 other great acts, at the upcoming Brooklyn Folk Festival, which will be held at Jalopy the weekend of May 15th -17th.  Its gonna be fun!  Check out for details.

Jessy Carolina sings “Oh Babe It Ain’t No Lie,” by Elizabeth Cotten on the streets of New Orleans, Feb. 2009.

4 Responses to “Interview with Jessy Carolina”

  1. Jessy Carolina Says:

    Thanks Eli! Let’s make another trip soon!

  2. earl scheib Says:

    mezmerizing; how can such talent go unnoticed

  3. Judy Gale Says:

    Wonderful voice! Someone should sign her up, quickly!

  4. Barton Alberts Says:

    what is the name of that song Jessy is singing words are rain keeps falling down Mama I wont see you again.Too bad its only a part clip.Is it another Elizabeth Cotton song.Must find out thanks

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