1. D. Henderson

    I couldn’t download the tail end of the Abner Jay episode and I would like an mp3. Any ideas as to how I might get one?

  2. Hmm, seems to play all the way through on my machine. To download mp3 control click where it says audio mp3 under the play button.

  3. Jordan

    Thanks for the Abner Jay, I really like this guy, his songs are so cool. I’m from Georgia and didn’t want to play banjo until I started listening a radio show from New York City. Goddamn. Thanks for the music.

  4. Jim

    I just came home from our local record shop with The True Story of Abner Jay. The intensity of the first few tracks make you sit down and listen. Wish he were still with us so I could see him in person. Have fallen in love with his sound and music.

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