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American Industrial Folksongs LP

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Today, in honor of the recently completed U.S. Social Forum held in Detroit, I’m posting up a 1955 LP by John Greenway.  Greenway was a Folklore/Anthropology/English professor at the University of Colorado back in the 50’s and 60’s and wrote an excellent book called “American Folksongs of Protest,” published in 1953.  On this LP Greenway, also a good folksinger records a selection of the protest, topical and labor songs he talks about in the book.  Its a cool record and an excellent compilation of material that is hard to find recorded examples of elsewhere.  Greenway’s strong suit is the Woody Guthrie material he covers on here, he does a good Guthrie.

CLICK HERE to download.

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Photos From the Festival

Friday, June 11th, 2010

[Radio Jarocho at The 2010 Brooklyn Folk Festival.  Photo E. Smith]

Well, the 2010 Brooklyn Folk Festival has come and gone, and I can tell you that it was a great success!  It sold out every night, the new outdoor stage was a huge success and people had a great time!  The whole thing was professionally recorded by Don Fierro and we look forward to the release of at least one Brooklyn Folk Festival 2010  CD/LP probably over the winter on the brand new Jalopy Records label.  The music that was played at this festival was to put it plainly AMAZING.  I knew it would be good, but didn’t realize just how good.  As the organizer and MC I was very emotionally moved by the whole proceeding!  Truly.  Already planning for next year… well maybe I’ll take a break.  But I’m already excited!

Below are some photos I took at the festival.  All of my photos from the event can be seen at this link. Look out in the reasonably near future for some films from the festival shot by filmmaker Chris Low.  I’ll be posting up a bunch of those plus audio and some videos I took, etc.

[The Calamity Janes.  Photo E. Smith]

[Feral Foster.  Photo E. Smith]

[Rashad Brown performs at the outdoor stage.  Photo Susan Heske]

[Clifton Hicks (R) The Dough Rollers (L)  Photo E. Smith]

[The Tillers. Photo E. Smith]

[John Cohen.  Photo E. Smith]

[John Cohen screens his new film “Roscoe Holcomb From Daisy Kentucky.” Photo by E. Smith]

[Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues.  Photo E. Smith]

To see all my photos from the 2010 Brooklyn Folk Festival Click Here. And check back for audio and video from the festival coming soon…