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Dough Rollers and Dust Busters

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

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Malcolm Ford and Jack Byrne of The Dough Rollers were living out in LA over this past winter and in late January/early February Craig and I from The Dust Busters went and stayed with them out there.  We had a great time, living down near Venice Beach, beating the New York cold and playing a bunch of shows around the LA area.  We even made it up to San Francisco for a gig!  One night we ended up playing a house party at Elvis Perkins’ place and happily our set was recorded.  Hope you will enjoy…  Also, The Dust Busters are out on tour right now on the West Coast, we’re headed to Portland tomorrow and then Seattle.  Check out our website for dates.

Thanks go to Paul Chesne for recording this show!

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[photo by Oz Perkins]