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Elektra Old Time Banjo Project LP

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Greetings!  I’m back from Dust Busters summer touring and I’m ready to get back on the job here at Down Home Radio.  Its gonna be a great Fall season, with lots of excellent material waiting in the wings, ready for posting here on DHR.

Here’s my first offering- I’ve had several requests for this LP, and am happy to finally be bringing it out on Down Home Radio.  This is a relatively forgotten but definitely classic record from the 1960’s New York City folk scene featuring performances by a number of its key participants.  There’s great music on here!  I had a hard time laying my hands on a copy of this record, but I did and here it is.

Musicians on this record include John Cohen, Peter K. Siegel, Alan Block (owner of the famous sandal shop), Bob Siggins, Winnie Winston, Hank Schwartz and Bill Vanaver all playing old-time style banjo.

CLICK HERE to download.

Hope you will enjoy.  See below for liner notes and track information.

And if you like the Elektra Old Time Banjo Project LP you might also like my recent album with Old Time Banjo Project contributor Peter K. Siegel, his first recorded offering since that Elektra record came out many years ago!

12x2front by you.
“Twelve Tunes for Two Banjos” is a CD of old-time banjo duets played and sung by Peter K. Siegel & Eli Smith, using mostly 5-string but also 4 and 6-string banjos.

To Order: Go to where you can order online.  Its also on iTunes.

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