1. Brent Kornblum

    That’s what I would have said, if I could. It has been difficult for me over the last couple days to sum up for my non-folkie friends what Pete Seeger has meant to the music I love and the country that I love. Your piece does it thoroughly and beautifully. Thanks!

  2. Christian

    Great article Eli. I love Pete, always have. One thing that I saw somewhere after his passing was an article about his supposed siding with Stalin and Mao in the late 30s? What do you know about this? What do you think about this? I’m curious to hear your thoughts.


    Any more podcasts planned?

  3. Scott

    I’ve always felt that his music was inseparably intertwined with his politics. He was the voice of compassion and community. It seemed that neither music nor politics co-opted or overshadowed the other. I believe he could still have been just as notable without one or the other; but what really made him Pete Seeger was that he played music that was both deeply traditional and that which carried a powerful message.

    Thanks for sharing your words. It’s really great to see folks of our generation carrying on the on the tradition. Keep it up, Eli.

  4. Mark Weiss

    Hi, Eli.
    Met you at Down Home Music years ago and listened to your tape, Jug Free America numerous times.

    Glad to see your name in too-small print on credits to Coen Bros film. (Incidentally, it was your co-worker at Down Home, Hilda Mendez, who turned me on to Elijah Wald).

    Sad about Pete; hoping to do a little wood-shedding of my own and emerge with an appropriate reaction here in Palo Alto, where Pete played, for Democratic Club, in 1954, before my time.

    Mark Weiss
    Palo Alto music activist and general loafer luftmensch

  5. Zeke Smukler

    Talked about the young and the old Pete Seeger before the old Pete Seeger died because of the late Pete Seeger being clean-shaven before he had a beard. And I wanted him to feel better, but it didn’t work out. And I watched “Rainbow Quest” videos that were Pete Seeger videos Norman Ross used to have at his publishing company.

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