8th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival: April 8th-10th, 2016!

The 8th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival is almost here!
40+ great bands and performances!
Get your tickets now!!

Friday Evening Concerts
8:00PM Meredith Axelrod – Blues, Ragtime and Country music
8:45PM The Four o’clock Flowers – Blues, Folk, Gospel and early Jazz
9:30PM Michael Hurley – Legendary folk musician, needs no introduction!
10:15PM Frank Fairfield and Tom Marion – American and Italian string music and songs
11:00PM Extra Special Guest!!!  Who will it be?
11:45PM Clifton Hicks– Old time banjo and ballads from Georgia!
Saturday Afternoon Concerts
12:45PM Pistol Packin’ Mamas – String band blues and rags from Tennessee to the Tex- Mex border. Comin’ all the way from New Orleans, LA!
1:30PM Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues – Jug band music, original and traditional
2:15PM Happy Valley Pals – Oldtime string band from Durham, NC
3:00PM Willy Gantrim – Blues, Folk, Country and original songs
3:45PM Rafe & Clelia Stefanini – Fiddle and banjo music
4:30PM Rayna Gellert (of Uncle Earl) – Old time songs and tunes, original songs
5:15PM Piedmont Bluz – Country Blues guitar, harmonica, washboard
6:00PM Mick & Evan Kinney- Amazing old time string band from the great state of Georgia!
6:45PM Gaida– Syrian vocalist with her band, traditional Arabic maqams and  more
Saturday Evening Concerts
7:45PM Ed Sanders & Steve Taylor (of the Fugs) – Songs and poems with music
8:30PM Feral Foster – Original and Folk songs
9:15PM Spirit Family Reunion – Original and Folk songs
10:00PM Jerron “Blindboy” Paxton – Blues, Old Time and Ragtime Music
10:45PM Roy Williams & The Human Hands – Gypsy jazz, country and more!
11:30PM Radio Jarocho – Son Jarocho from Veracruz, Mexico

Parish Hall:
3:00PM New Topical Songs performance (Songs from the News!)
4:00PM Oldtime Jam Session
5:00PM Lariat Tricks and Cowboy Songs with Cowboy Ernie Sites!
6:00PM Harmonica Contest!!!
7:00PM Pistol Packin’ Mamas – String band blues and rags from Tennessee to the Tex-Mex border. Comin’ all the way from New Orleans, LA!
8:00PM Skalopy – Jalopy’s own Ska band!
10:00PM Swing Dance!! Featuring music by Jessy Carolina and the Holy Crow Jazz Band!

Workshop Room:
2:00PM Ukulele workshop
3:00PM Mississippi Fiddle Tunes workshop
4:00PM Film: Mountain Music of Peru plus Q&A with filmmaker John Cohen!
5:00PM Blues guitar workshop
Sunday Afternoon Concerts
2:00PM Family Concert
3:00PM Rayna Gellert, Tim Eriksen and Elizabeth Mitchell: Songs for Sonya- Old-Time Ballads in honor of Sonya Cohen Cramer
3:45PM Freedom Songs of the Civil Rights Movement with activist and singer Mattie Jones
4:30PM Dubl Handi – Oldtime banjo and folk songs
5:15PM Down Hill Strugglers with John Cohen (of the New Lost City Ramblers) – Oldtime string band
6:00PM Bulla En El Barrio – Afro-Columbian percussion and vocal band, exploring new and classic Bailes Cantados of Bullerengue

Sunday Evening  Concerts
7:00PM Wyndham Baird – Folk, Blues and Country songs with guitar, piano and harmonica
7:45PM East River String Band – Country Blues and Oldtime music
8:30PM Abay Mengiste – Ethiopian krar (lyre, like King David’s harp from the Bible) music
9:15PM The Whiskey Spitters – Jugband, Ragtime, Oldtime, the Jalopy house band!
9:45PM Extra Special Guest!! Who will it be?!


Parish Hall:
2:00PM Shape-note Singing with Tim Eriksen
3:00PM Oldtime Jam with Hilary Hawke
4:00PM Sam Wilson’s puppet show!
6:00PM Square Dance!! With the Happy Valley Pals (from Durham, NC)! and David Harvey of NYC Barn Dance calling!

Workshop Room:
2:00PM Old Time Banjo workshop
3:00PM Build Your Own DIY Found Object Instruments with Zeke and Special guest!! Good for kids 6+!

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  1. Ovi Horta

    Hey Eli,

    Do you guys take volunteers for the festival? We meet at the Hoot a while back if you don’t remember me, but I’d love to help Brooklyn Folk out in anyway

    Email me if you can.


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