Roots n’ Ruckus Fest! Celebrating 10 Years!

Feral Foster has been hosting his Roots n Ruckus folk music variety show for 10 years!  It’s an amazing show and to me is the heart of the folk music scene here in New York City.  It takes place every Wednesday from 9pm till late at the Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Feral has organized a 10th anniversary festival featuring 40+ bands, great music Wednesday-Saturday at the Jalopy.  This festival is bringing back many of the original performers from this scene as well as numbers of performers and bands that have played the show over the years.

As always, Roots n Ruckus is FREE! No cover… Check it out!

The Tillers Perform Some New Songs

The Tillers perform 3 songs from their new album, “By the Signs.”  Check it out!  And be sure to check them out on May 23rd, live at the upcoming Brooklyn Folk Festival. I filmed these videos at the Jalopy Theater during the Tillers last swing through NYC when they stopped by for a Wednesday night performance at Roots n Ruckus.  Looking forward to having them back at folk fest!

Cardinal Train – a Tillers original from their new album.

Ezekial Saw the Wheel – this is their version of an old traditional song Woody Guthrie used to do.

George Street Beat- a Tillers original from their new album.