Interview with The Peach Colored Jug Smugglers

PCJS On The Roof

This week Eli talks with The Peach Colored Jug Smugglers. They’re a great new string band from California who came East this summer and are currently working their way through the South and back across the country using a combination of buses, hitching rides and hopping on freight trains. They inhabit a place in California called the Chad Shack, a structure which they have build on an open piece of land. They pay no rent! They all come from a punk music background but have started playing old-time music in the last year or two.

Peach Colored Interview

Peach Colored’s Website /The Chad Shack

Roots ‘n’ Ruckus Collective @ The Village Ma – MacDougal between Bleecker and W. 3rd St. Ever Wednesday, 9:30pm-1am. A great show every week! Come on down![squat!net] is an international internet magazine with main focus on squatted houses, car sites and other free spaces.

Crew Change Guide – These guides offer instructions and practical information on how to catch freight trains in your area. You need to know somebody to get one, but could possibly be worthwhile to ask at your local Anarchist bookstore. Although this information is apparently rather closely guarded. Don’t try hopping freight trains unless you go with someone experienced!

The Peach-Colored Jug Smugglers, residents/non-residents of the Chad Shack, consists of:

Country “Lane” Bollweevil – Banjo, Guitar, Vocals

Sean “Mohoot” Mohawtie – Fiddle, Guitar, Banjo, Washboard, Vocals

Michael “Musby” Bandito – Spoons, Gutbucker’t, Hollerin’

Chad “Smitty” Smith – Hollerin’, Words of Wisdom, Nachos
More Photos (Taken by Eli Smith):

PCJS On The Roof 2

PCJS On The Roof 3

PCJS Washington Square 1

PCJS Washington Square 2

PCJS Washington Square 3

Below photo by PCJS:

PCJS at home

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  1. Johnny "Manboobs" McGee

    Saw them in Brooklyn on the roof top. Excellent show. Excellent band. Great Guys.

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