1. For those interested to hear more of this great music, County Records has re-released this compilation in two cds… By the way, i’m looking for a County lp that has not been re-edited in cd,it’s called “Old-time fiddling from old New-England” by the Riendeau Family. Maybe you have it?

  2. Cool, didn’t realize they’d rereleased it on CD. I don’t have “Old-time fiddling from old New-England” but will definitely look out for it.

  3. Great one, Eli. County did do those CD reissues but for whatever reason left off the choicest material from Vol. 3 in the LP series – namely the two earth-shaking Weems String Band sides and the Carter Brothers & Son’s impossibly catchy “Nancy Rowland”: “Had a dog, his name was Rover / When he died he died all over.”

  4. Joe

    Another fine record! Thanks! I have a shameless request — do you have any of Obray Ramsey’s Prestige LPs? I really like his cuts on “Banjo Songs of the Southern Mountains.” His solo LPs are selling for well over $100, if you can even find one. He recorded three:

    PR-INT 13009 Obray Ramsey – Jimmie Rogers Favorites
    PR-INT 13020 Obray Ramsey – Folk Songs From The Three Laurels
    PR-INT 13030 Obray Ramsey – Great Smokies Songs

    If you have any of these, I’d love to hear them!

  5. Carter

    very fine music but the CD from 1996 contains 21 songs. Is there a vol. 3?

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