1. Matthew K

    Cut number 7 on side B (“Unnamed Tune”) is probably “Dry and Dusty.” Bruce Greene plays this on his tape “Fiddler’s Dozen.”

  2. Suni McGrath

    Wonderful fiddle. One mistake though: vinyl wasn’t made in 1922 !!!
    If you ever owned a 78 rpm record you know. It was bakelite or somesuch material, not flexible, easily broken

  3. Nice post.

    Also, Suni McGrath, are you THE Suni McGrath, the steel-string guitar soli? Or are you just borrowing the name? I love Cornflower Suite and I’ve been looking for the album Childgrove for a long time.

  4. Suni McGrath

    Yes, that’s me,
    I happen to be a fiddler also and a banjo picker
    with family roots in backwoods mountain music. One uncle even played the saw ! If you wish, you can go to a Myspace site- Suni McGrath
    I am an old “Villager” also and like to share memories of Greenwich Village ~1960-1965 and appreciate any photos of the time. If anyone is curious you can get a small example on a free videoon WFMU website called “Village Sunday”.

  5. Thank you for this; before my old hard drive died, a friend downloaded this LP and sent it to me, and he’d told me where he got it. I had all my music filed in folders, but unfortunately, this one was mislabeled, and I’ve been looking for it ever since to play it along with my CD of Eck.

    Thanks again, and also to Google for suggesting I include the word ‘blogspot’ in my search terms…eerie.

    All the best, I love your site and your efforts, as well as your work with the Dust Busters, which I downloaded awhile back –


  6. Managed to get the actual LP from 1991. The Liner notes are something to behold – 17 pages written by Blanton Owen with music notes by Tom Sauber. It traces Eck’s history and why it come he didn’t record as much. It also lists field recordings made in the 60s that are quite hard to find.
    Some of the text can be in the (o.o.p.) Oldtime Music (Magazine) & Oldtime Herald.

  7. robert horton

    wow thanks was looking for this after buying a reissue of his recordings from the 1920’s on county.
    plus we get to hear what suni is doing. i love his recordings.

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