1. Great post. I’m from Cincy originally. You could always catch some Bluegrass or Old Time on the radio down there. My cousin went to Oberlin back in the 80’s. It is heart warming to see Mike jamming with you and your friends.

    I got to meet Seeger once at a performance he did a couple years or so ago in Knoxville, TN.Such a wonderful guy. He meant a lot to me and my wife. Long live the songs Mike loved.

  2. GrandpaBill

    I was shocked and saddened to learn of Mike’s passing earlier this month.
    As a lovcer of Old Time and Traditional Music, Mike was always one of the performers and researchers for whom I had a great deal of admiration and respect. I always enjoyed listening to Mike.
    Then just a few days ago I discovered Down Home Radio via the internet.
    What a joy to find your site and listen to the programs. This is great stuff!
    A national treasure, as was Mike.
    Thanks so much for making your 2003 interview with Mike possible and also his 2003 concert at Oberlin College, and all the great programs and interviews that you have done and made available to us.
    I’m looking forward to hearing many more programs. Long may you ride!

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