1. dustraman

    many thanx! been tryin’ to trace this historical record for quite awhile – especially love Steibeck’s epigraph!

    —-and. sorry. could i just remind you of something – quite quite a long time ago you said you were goin’ to digitize (& post) two rare classic Elektra records – String Band Project & Old Time Banjo Project. i waited while months went by but i thought it wasn’t apt to remind you. now that about 2 years are gone, could you PLEASE tell – are you still goin’ to do it anyway or you just dropped the idea completely? these lp’s are elusive as hell, can’t get mp3’s or whatever, while Elektra still seem to shrug off any proposals for re-issues…

    very best regards, dustraman

  2. admin

    Hey, yeah I finally located the Elektra Banjo Project record and will be posting it up soon. Still don’t have the Stringband Project. Funny how time gets away from you, has it been 2 years already? Well, its comin’ up pretty soon. – Eli

  3. Ejler Svendsen

    Thanks a lot!
    Do you have John Greenway’s “Talking Blues”?
    I have heard some of them and they are great. Very funny!
    And this LP is really good, too.
    Hi Ejler (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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