1. dustraman

    hooray! this rare bird is caged at last. as many thanx as trax on this album!!

    let’s hope now that sooner or later, you’ll manage to catch another evading one – String Band Project – too…

    best vibes, dustraman

  2. brentk5s

    I did not remember this one. Of course the disc I really want to hear again is the Electra Folk Banjo Styles mentioned in the liner notes to this one. Keep up the great work!

  3. oldfolkie

    This, and String Band Project, were my most listened to revivalist albums in the 70’s. So much so that the sound quality is shot now. It’s almost unlistenable. I’m amazed that those two albums were never re-issued on CD.
    Many, many thanks for an opportunity to hear this again.
    Now,,, about that String Band album…….

  4. Cliff

    Finding this recording available here has ended a search that began in 1965. I first heard this album when my parents borrowed it from the local library – I tape recorded it then but the tape got destroyed in a small flood in 1965. Finally!
    Many Thanks

  5. Marty

    Thanks so much. A lot of these tunes are included in ‘Mel Bay’s Frailing the Banjo’ book from 1973, so I’m very grateful to listen, what a treat.

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