Interview with Peter Gold

Peter Gold photo by Pierre Edwards

This week, Henrietta and Eli speak with enthnomusicologist/anthropologist & musician Peter Gold. Peter was one of Henrietta’s students at City College back in the mid 1960’s and was her field recording assistant on a number of recording expeditions in Mexico and the American South. We’ll hear selections from those field recordings, selections from Peter’s own CDs and hear about Peter’s latest book, “Navajo and Tibetan Sacred Wisdom: The Circle of the Spirit.”

Interview with Peter Gold


Ancient Ways Project– Peter Gold’s front organization.

Humane Being – Peter’s Blog, a bunch of great writing that he’s done.

Navajo and Tibetan Sacred Wisdom: The Circle of the Spirit – Peter’s most recent book

Blog entry on new film on Pete Seeger that Peter Gold recommended

The Real Mexico – CD reissue of field recordings that Henrietta made with Peter’s assistance back in the late 60’s. Awesome stuff! Another friend of mine, my former banjo and fiddle teacher and also former student of Henrietta’s, Jody Stecher, was also a field recording assistant on this album.

Folk Songs of Puerto Rico – Another great album of Henrietta’s field recordings for which Peter Gold was the recording assistant. Henrietta’s son, Peter Yurchenco was also an assistant on this record.

John’s Island, South Carolina: Its People and Songs Another great album of Henrietta’s field recordings for which Peter Gold was the recording assistant. – Contact Peter Gold

Interview with Rahzel & The Roots of Rap

This week Eli & Down Home Exec. Producer David Weissman interview beatbox legend Rahzel and play some beatbox examples and stuff Rahzel mentions in the interview. Then in the 2nd half of the hour Eli plays a bunch of old blues, gospel, toasting and Calypso tracks for a Down Home, down South Roots of Rap segment

For the uninitiated, Beatboxing is when you imitate/sing the hip-hop beats created by DJs and producers (created using drum machines, samples, electronics and scratching on turntables) using only the sounds in your mouth and throat, magnified by a mic and PA.

Interview with Rahzel, Beatboxing and
Down Home’s take on The Roots of Rap

Jewish Music from Around the World

Having just celebrated Passover, this week Henrietta, Eli and guest host Bob Malenky decided to play a bunch of tracks sampling Jewish music from around the world- The Middle East, Mediterranean, Africa, Europe and the United States. Then, in the second part of the program, Eli will play a number of tracks that he just plain and simple wanted to play.

Jewish Music from Around the World
(followed by some of Eli’s current favorite tracks)