1. When I heard the “The Lonesome Road” by Gene Autry, I knew I had heard the melody before. It turns out that the early white blues artist Tom Darby did a version called “Lonesome Raiload”. The musical structure is closer to the Snooks Eaglin version, but the vocals are closer to Autry’s. It’s funny, I’ve heard “Sugar Baby” numerous times, but never recognized it until I heard these other versions. Thanks again.

  2. jeff

    great show. really enjoyed it. do another! there’s more to cover and the subject is fascinating. i only wish you hadn’t done that dub over with the other version of maggie’s farm. the way you played it had me thinking that bob had taken the opening verses from an older song, which ws more than my heart could take and i briefly went into cardiac arrest before i looked on the website and saw that it was just a cover. anyway, great job

  3. philmore

    I hear a great connection between Dylan’s “Pretty Peggy-O” and Odetta’s version of “Santa Anno” from the 1963 live recording at Town Hall. Love to know what you guys think. Keep up the great work.

  4. jamie buell

    I played many of the coffee clubs that paul clayton played in the 1960’s and knew paul fairly well. I have been trying for some time now to get a copy of his song who’s goin to buy you ribbons when I’m gone (home-made songs and ballads Monument 4001) Do you know where I can obtain a copy of this?

  5. Andy

    Great show. I stumbled on to it late..but better late than never. Interesting that you made the transparent connection between the track on Modern Times and the Muddy Waters tune. This got my wheels spinning and it reminded me of a time when I was listening to Blood On the Tracks…specifically the cut entitled Meet Me in the Morning. I was also listening to a Chuck Berry album at that time called Bio. (A great record in my opinion of tasty bluesy, wacka wacka 70s guitar stuff). So anyway it struck me just how much Meet Me sounded like this entire Chuck Berry album. Check it out…I wonder what you all think. Maybe there is just a commonality between them because of the blues sound but it even sounds like Dylan is imitating Berry’s vocals. That being said I love Bob…and Chuck. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hey,
    That is not true! We might be big Bob Dylan / folk music nerds, but we speak in a way consistent with our family, regional and socio-economic backgrounds. And our voices aren’t annoying either. They’re pleasant and radio friendly.

    And as long as I’m commenting on my own post- Thousands of people have listened this show. Why don’t you people comment? What the hell!? How boring of you.

  7. Johan Vanpaemel

    Pirate Jenny (english adaptation of the German lyrics by Marc Blitzstein) : there’s a ship … will be coming in

    Bob Dylan : when the ship comes in

  8. Johan Vanpaemel

    English translation of the original German Lyrics (Brecht and friends) : and a ship …. will lie at the waterfront

  9. oboehobo

    The folksong Nottamun Town –Dylan uses the tune for Masters of War. Likewise, Liverpool Farewell becomes Farewell, and The Parting Glass becomes Restless Farewell.
    Although he goes in another direction with it, the line “go away from my window” from It Ain’t Me Babe is obviously inspired by the John Jacob Niles song Go Away From My Window (which Joan Baez performed in her early days).
    And I’m hoping you can find that Paul Clayton song. I’ve wanted to hear it for some time. I heard it was derived from a traditional song possibly called Who’ll Buy Your Chickens When I’m Gone.

  10. oboehobo

    Also Girl from the North Country obviously is based on Scarborough Fair.
    And now I have a research project for you. In Dave van Ronk’s autobiography, he mentions that his grandmother used to sing a song called “The Chimes of Trinity” which van Ronk taught to Dylan who reworked it into “Chimes of Freedom.” I’ve never heard the former song and wonder if you can find a recording of it.

  11. Dee Dee

    You guys are just plain awesome! I loved Frank Proffitt’s miraculous version of Lord Randall.

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