Interview w/ Mat Callahan – Musician and Author

This week I’ll be spending an hour with Mat Callahan, musician and author of the book, “The Trouble with Music.” Mat is an extraordinarily knowledgable, clear thinking, and out spoken cultural worker, protesting the organization of our supremely messed up popular culture. This show is mostly us talking, not too much music- but I think what Mat says here is important, so important that it merits sitting and listening to. Its the best thought out and articulated criticism of “fast-food music” available.

We’ll discuss everything from his concept of “Anti-Music” to the development and function of Muzak to Leo Tolstoy’s revolutionary aesthetics. Its all about the music of liberation and the liberation of music.

Mat is in New York right now on an East Coast tour promoting his new CD “Welcome,” so we will hear tracks from that as well. Please click the links for more info and Mat’s tour dates.

Interview w/ Mat Callahan – Musician and Author

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