Irish American Music Part 2/2 – Urban

In the first half hour of this program we conclude our 2 part mini series on the music of Irish Americans. This time we cover the sentimental pop songs of the urban Irish Catholics. These escapist, romantic love songs of early Tin Pan Alley are associated with the era of the “Gay 90’s” (the 1890’s) through perhaps the 1930’s and are tied to the early cinema. These catchy tunes have permeated American musical culture and are at the beginings of our “pop” culture.

Then in the 2nd half of the program Eli will play a bunch of music unrelated to the first half, except in that its also stuff (like sentimental pop) that you won’t usually hear on DHR. Including some Fugs, Pluto and music from the far corners of the Earth.

Irish American Music Part 2/2 – Urban

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