1. Viper

    Great interview. Fairfield sounds like he’s stuck on the Harry Smith anthology. Very insightful as well. Thanks.

  2. What a brilliant show. Truly enjoyed every minute. Really looking forward to this project Frank has going with Tompkins Square. I bet some of the releases they come up with are going to be mind blowing.

    Much love from the UK.


  3. JBL

    That was a really great show – as well as being an amazing performer I think he had some unique insight on the music. Remarkable.


  4. The Present

    I think Charley Patton, Skip James, Roscoe Holcomb, Fiddlin’ John, The Carter Family, etc., all ate food out of cans and would not have been recorded for our listening pleasures if not for the industrial revolution. I can empathize with your distaste for the idea that “things changed very quickly recently” and for how, but this nostalgia for some sort of self-idealized past seems silly, as do your after-the-fact opinions about reconstruction era politics. One can hear by your nervous giggle that you suspect so, but I guess your thirst for the limelight by trying to seem more knowledgeable than “the people” that live today supersedes any desire to sing about your own culture (or lack thereof, and in your own dialect). Haha, “Appal-A-chan”. But, in your defense, I guess you are respectively a product and creator of the era (or immediate past and future) no matter what you do, and “the people” have dressed much better in the past. Sounds good. Also, unfortunately there is a popular music nowadays. Just because it’s been shoved down people’s throats does not mean it isn’t popular.

    The Devil’s Advocate

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