The Library of Congress Banjo Collection

The Library of Congress Banjo Collection

I recently received a request to post this fine album of banjo music drawn from the trove of material at the Library of Congress.  This album of field recordings representing different pre-bluegrass banjo styles was put together by Bob Carlin and released on LP in 1988 by Rounder records.  Amazingly it has not been reissued on CD.

There is some seriously amazing and important music on here.

I didn’t upload this album, the fine people over at
did and that’s where I first got the record.  Thanks!  Be sure to check out their website for a scan of the back of the record so you can read the excellent notes by Alan Jabbour and Bob Carlin. There’s lots of great records available on “Time’s Ain’t Like They Used to Be”.  Well worth checking regularly.


and be sure to check out my sort of complete list of free internet folk music resources

The people at “Time’s Ain’t Like They Used to Be” say:

“This post is dedicated to all the banjo enthousiasts, including myself, who love the instrument and want to explore and study the old-time styles of playing. This recordings, taken from the library of congress huge collection, were recorded between 1937 and 1946 and represent all kinds of pre-Scruggs picking styles, from down-picking (clawhammer is the term more employed) to various two and three finger-pickings. The sound on most of the tracks is very raw but i’m sure you’ll enjoy this important historic collection. I’ve put pictures of the booklet in the zip file as it brings historical notes, banjo tunings and great pictures of the performers…”

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  1. jim keith Says:

    i hope to get this, i am waiting on the download, i lost my previous one in a computer crash and thought i had backed it up. i look forward to you pictures an info on banjo tunings as well. i play clawhammer an two finger thumb lead banjo and listen to a lot of old time music of all varieties, thanks. – jim keith

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